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Baby New Year 2018 by NowiGreen
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Cmm: Zoe Bab by PrincessPolly63
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12 Questions Meme
Tagged by Nobody
1.) You have to post all the rules 
2.) Answer all the questions and then create 12 more
3.) Choose 12 people 
4.) Legitimately tag people 
5.) You can't say you don't tag people.
1: Do you like to play video games?
I love playing video games, especially Roguelikes 
2: What types of songs do you like to listen to?
Depends on my mood, but mostly acapella and video game soundtrack. Green Day too.
3: How do you feel about lesbianism?
Please explain the question a bit better next time. But, I looked it up, and, I see nothing wrong with it.
4: What's your favorite animal?
5: Which of your OC's is your favorite?
Ignoring my persona, I have to say its Jamie Sultru.
6: Which of my OC's is your favorite?
Your persona, due to how relatable she is.
7: Do you have a fandom you favor the most, & why?
Fire Emblem, due to how the series represents a common aspect of bringing people together, kinda like MLP does.
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Happy Birthday Tamae
Sorry it took longer then expected, I hope you don't mind~
:icontamaeftt: this ones for you hope your birthday was as pleasant as your company~
And I do hope you enjoy.
this pic was a patreon reward by :iconpastel-hime: you can join her patreon here~… that was you can see more cute art even sooner~

From left to right we have
Who seems to have a new interest in ballet~
Who seem's to be a little embarrassed about his new outfit~
Sakura Kinomoto
Who still doesn't seem to have control over baby~
our guest of honour and birthday girl, who is being silly because we all know she's padded~
Seems to be more shocked then anyone else here, kinda surprised she didn't mess~
Someone give this girl a baby bottle, she is to angry at baby to notice that she is spilling milk, this really is worth crying over!
You saw nothing understand!

Anywho HAPPY late-ish Birthday Tamae!~
May this year be ever greater then the last~!

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Support Needed (Important)
I know its odd of me to ask for help for people who have fought in was I am opposed to, but a friend needed my help and I'll be damned if I wont try my hardest to help... so please consider lending your aid... it means a lot.
64 deviations
Box arrived
this is clearly for science >////> also 0w0 it came with a lolipop~<3
>w< these are so cuuuute~
and wow it was a lot bigger and heavier then i thought it would be
Night time snuggles
Sleeping with a cuddly pup~? what pup you may ask?
None other then :iconoverflo207:
>w< please check them out they are open for coms im sure~
you can do so by clicking on their icon~
thank you baby fwo bro~
Notification from Yuhi, Yami (Read description)
Yuhi has relocated to Patreon after DA removed her, she can be found here
Where she posts here art that was once on da as well as more that she never got the chance to please consider supporting her if you can to receive more amazing art such as the one shown here~
Lost bet Skirt
This pic was drawn by :iconred-moda: who should be re-opening commissions in the near future~
The art they do is amazing and the diapers drawn are crinckly as heck >w< just look at that poof!

So what happens when someone who's older then you acts like they are a big girl despite being a total baby >w>
on top of also having the Nerve to call me the baby -3- well my answer, Challange them to a game of Mario Kart Deluxe.
Winner gets to play videogames and be the big girl and the other has to admit that they are a baby.
Since I'm not a baby their was only one way this could play out and that is with baby sis :iconanimal-delos: stripped of her silly dress up cloths so she can't just pretend to be an adult and so I can keep tabs on the condition of her diaper... she may be pouty now but im sure after she learns her animal noices, has mash banana for lunch and takes her after noon nap she will be back to her giggly self.

Nowi skirtless version (
Change Yer Doggy
Pic by :iconoverflo207:
Please check him out his commissions are open and his art is adorable?
Don't believe me, my next set of coms from him coming later should will seal the deal~

>w> you know what, I put him in diaper to stop from having to pick stuff off the streets =3= but seems i have to change him anyway... boo. Try and hold it for a bit longer next time you silly pupper >w>

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Story by, :iconpinkthedinosaur:
Nowi sat bored out of her mind as her caretakers looked threw rows and rows of fabric.

The 21-year-old hated having to go to the mall just for Taffy and Toffee to get fabric for there tailor shop.

Taffy and Toffee were sisters and trailers. Everything they ware was specially made by them. Including all of Nowi’s clothes.

Taffy was a blonde haired girl who loved to wear pink dresses.
Toffee had brown hair and loved wearing blue dresses.

Just by looking at them, they looked like normal 21-year-old girls. But in reality, they were much older and had the very important job of watching over Nowi.

You see, Nowi isn't a normal 21-year-old woman. No, she is a goddess, a goddess of age.

Nowi looked up from her chair and noticed both sisters were busy talking to a store employee. something about needing softer fabric.

Nowi smirked as she saw this as her chance to have some fun.

She snuck out of the store and quickly made her way to the closest bathroom.

Once inside, she quickly checked the other stalls to see if they were empty. As she did, she walked past a mirror and smiled.

In the mirror, she saw a beautiful 5’2, Brown-haired girl with blue and pink hair clips. She wore a bright pink shirt with a little red flower near the bottom with a bright yellow skirt.

Nowi smiled at herself as she placed a hand on her cheek as her hand began to glow. Then, Nowi watched as her body began to shrink. It got smaller and smaller. Or more accurate, younger and younger.

When Nowi stopped shrinking she was happy to see her now 4-year-old self staring back at her. All of her clothes had now fallen off her so she had to get changed.

Nowi carried around a special bag, one specially customized just for her.

She pulled out the neatly folded clothes and began putting them on. Soon she was in a child-size version of her big girl clothes.

Nowi let out a little giggle as she twirled around to get a good look at herself and even caught a glimpse of her treasure as her skirt rode up a bit.

Now that she was dressed, Nowi took her bag and folded it inside out to turn it into a small backpack. Nowi quickly gathered her old clothes and placed them into the backpack.

With that all done, Nowi made her way back into the mall and went to a place that wouldn't bore her, the toy store!

Once inside she had her own fun just looking around and staring longingly at a few toys and dolls. There was at least one stuffed animal that Nowi found that she absolutely wanted, it was a pink teddy bear with fairy wings and a blue and pink dress!

Sadly, Nowi didn't have any money to buy it. Toffee and Taffy have all her money and don't trust her with it. Not after the candy store incident….

Despite really wanting it, Nowi decided to leave the story and go explore the rest of the mall.

But her mind went back to the stuffed toy. Oh, how she wished she had the money to get it! maybe if she went to ask Taffy, she would get it for her.

That's when Nowi noticed something in the middle of the mall. A bunch of people tossing coins into a water fountain.

Nowi walked over and looked into the shallow water. There she saw a bunch of coins scattered throughout the fountain.

“There must be enough to buy a store!” Nowi said out loud in her squeaky 4-year-old voice as she stared at the money. Then she thought of something. “Or maybe just a toy…”

Nowi wasn't really thinking as she got up onto the fountain and jumped in. the water was very cold, but Nowi doesn't mind. She just splashed around a bit before she started to collect a few coins.

There was a small crowd watching as she jumped around and collect the coins. Most of them wondering where her parents were. But Nowi ignored them. She was 4, it wasn't like they were going to punish a 4-year-old for playing.

After a few minutes, as Nowi is counting some of the coins she had collected, a large hand suddenly grabbed Nowi by her arm. Forcing her to drop the coins

“Young lady, what do you think you're doing?” a female security officer asked Nowi.

Nowi was completely stunned, she hadn't expected this to happen.

She tried to pull herself away from the officer but the woman held onto Nowi and easily began pulling the small girl out of the fountain.

Nowi was now starting to think she should just regress the officer and get away in the confusion, but then Nowi noticed the crowd gathering around her. Most of them with cameras out. She couldn't risk letting so many people find out about her powers.

With no means of escaping, Nowi did the last thing she could think off.

“AAAAAAAA!” Nowi screamed and began flailing around to try to get away from the officer.

“Calm Down little one, I'm just going to help you find your parents.” the officer said as she finally pulled Nowi out of the fountain.

They both were dripping wet and Nowi was still flailing around and trying to get out of the officer's hand.

“NO-NO!” Toffee yelled as she ran over to the officer and Nowi.

“Toffee!” Nowi yelled as the officer let go of Nowi’s hand and let her run up to Toffee.

Toffee immediately picked up Nowi and held her close.

“Oh thank god you're alright!”Toffee said as realized Nowi was soaking wet. “Why are you so wet!”

“She thought it would be fun to play in the fountain.” the officer told Toffee.

“I-im so sorry, she just ran off when we weren't looking.”Toffee explained.

And it was true, as soon as they noticed Nowi was missing, the two sisters split up to look for Nowi. both knowing the type of trouble she can get into when unsupervised.

“Please keep a better eye on your child ma’am.” the officer told them and gave a light scolding to Nowi about not playing in the fountain.

When the officer turned around, Nowi stuck out her tongue at the officer before Toffee carried the girl away.

Just then Toffee’s phone rang.

“Hello?” toffee said as she answered it.

“Toffee, I've searched at least 5 stores and 2 bathrooms! Did you find her!” Taffy asked in a panic.

“Yes Taffy, I got No-no right now,” Toffy told her sister using Nowi’s little name.

It was just a little nickname they gave Nowi when she was small, but because Nowi liked it so much, she had it become her name whenever she turned small.

“Hi, Taffy,” No-no said into the phone.

Taffy let out a sigh of relief as she heard No-no’s voice.

“So what did No-no do this time?” Taffy asked.

“She was playing in the water fountain.” toffee told her. “And now we're both very wet. I'll meet you at the car so we can go home.”

With that Toffee hung up the phone and looked at No-no.

“What are we going to do with you?” Toffee asked.

"love me and give me a cookie?" No-no asked trying to play the cute card and hope she wouldn't get in trouble.

it didn't work...

10 minutes later, toffee and No-no reached the car where Taffy was already waiting for them.

The moment Taffy saw them she ran over to get No-no and hug her.

“No-no! You scared us to death!” Taffy said as she also got a little wet from No-no’s wet clothes. “Why did you run off like that!”

“I was bord,” No-no said with her sad eyes. Hoping to get some sympathy from Taffy and not get a punishment from her.

Taffy just sighed and opened the trunk of there minny van. Back here there was a car seat meant for no-no when she was in this state. Taffy handed the car seat to Toffee and asked her to get it set up.

Then Taffy sat down and flipped No-no over her lap.

“What!” No-no yelled.

“No-no needs a punishment for running off like that,” Taffy told No-no.

Taffy is definitely the sweeter of the two sisters, normally liking to play with No-no and give her extra sweets when Toffee isn't looking. However, she isn't above giving Nowi punishments when she is naughty.

No-no knew exactly what this meant and immediately tried to get away and protect her treasure!

“No! You can't!” No-no yelled.

But Taffy already lifted up No-no’s skirt and saw what she was wearing.

“You got into the diaper pail again didn't you!” Taffy yelled.

Around No-no’s waist was a 3-day old wet pull-up.

Pull-ups were something Nowi absolutely loved. She wore them 24/7. What made them better was when they were nice and wet. Thankfully being a goddess, she has never once gotten diaper rash from the constant wet pull-ups.

She enjoys them so much, Nowi would happily wear them for days without being changed. This leads Taffy and Toffee to force Nowi to change her pull-up. And every time Nowi throws a tantrum over it.

One other big problem they've been having lately is that after a change Nowi would sneak back to her diaper pail and pull out her used pull-up and put it back on. She just loves the wet pull-ups to much.

“Ok, now you really need a spanking,” Taffy told No-no.

NO!” No-no yelled and struggled to get away. “You can't do that! I'm Nowi the all powderful!”

Taffy smiled at No-no’s little lisps there. For some reason, she can't say all powerful while she's in her 4-year-old form.

“Well, from where I'm sitting missy, I'm the all powderful one here,” Taffy told No-no as she raised her hand.

No-no eyes went wide as she saw the hand raised and again tried to move out of the way.

But the hand went down.


“NO!” No-no screamed as she felt the hard smack on her butt.


“STOP!” No-no yelled again. Tears now coming out of her face.


“You'll break it!” No-no yelled again as she made one last desperate attempt to save her treasure.


No-no started baling. Not so much because of the spanking, but because No-no’s treasure, her wet pull up, finally popped.

“Looks like you can't use that one anymore,” Taffy said as she preceded to pull the destroyed pull up off of No-no before going back to the spanking.

After 7 more swats on No-no’s bare bottom, No-no had accidentally regress herself further from a 4-year-old to a 2-year-old.

“Shhhh, it's ok baby,” Taffy said as she lifted the infant and hugged her. She began to rub No-no’s red bottom as she tried to calm the crying child.

“Here I got her now.” Toffee said as she just finished putting the car seat in.

Taffy handed over No-no and Toffee began pulling out the changing supplies they had in the car.

Toffee began with striping the 2 year old of her very wet clothing before placing her on a changing mat. Taffy then oiled, powdered, and diapered No-no.

By now, No-no was just sniveling as she looked at Toffee smiling down at her. Then she saw Taffy stand up and held up a clear plastic bag that now had the remains of No-no’s treasure.

The moment No-no saw this, she immediately began crying once again.

Toffee just sighed. She was partly hoping No-no would change back and put on her somehow dry big girl clothes, but now that she was a crying baby, it would be a while before No-no could turn back.

Thankfully she had an idea. She grabbed No-no’s travel blanket that she used on large car rides and wrapped the baby nice, warm and tight.

“There we go. our little bundle of joy.” Toffee said despite No-no still crying.

While Taffy threw the pull up away, Toffee placed the wrapped up crying child into her car seat and strapped her in.

Thanks to being wrapped up, there was no way No-no could possibly get out, especially once the buckles were all in place.

Once No-no was nice and safe, Toffee pulled out a pacifier and placed it into No-no’s mouth.

No-no was surely hushed to just a sniveling whimper as she now sucked on the pacifier.

“That's a good baby girl.” Toffee said as Taffy walked over to check on the little girl.

Taffy knew they would need to think of some way to fix No-no’s naughty behavior, but right now, Taffy could only smile at the cute little thing sucking on her pacifier.

Both Taffy and Toffee gave No-no a kiss before they got into the car and began driving back home.
(Story) No-No in trouble
This story is by :iconpinkthedinosaur:
Inspired by the sketch Nino did that was coloured by Yuhi~
I'm looking forward to doing more story related stuff with them in the future~
Playing games
This pic was a Patreon Reward from :iconpieceofsoap:
He is the creator of the currently in development; Perpetual Change
He may be opening commissions later this year but for the moment you can support him on Patreon at…
Not maid for this.
Not to self; cosplay, housework, adult diapers and water do not mix... I swear if I keep this up people are gonna call me Felicia.
(If you got the reference congrats ^,~)
This pic was by :icontechsupportcyber: as part of her re-usable YCH, that is just too cute to pass up... I will link it here too…

Thank you Tech for making an awesome and Cute YCH fingers crossed the catches a few more peoples interest woop woop...

Also real quick question, are their adult water proof diapers? These are the questions that keep me up at night :P
Special Vibe
This is a commission by :iconprincess-sippycup:
Please do check her out she is currently open for commission so get them while she's open

This pic features a Special Vibe known as "Nowi's Bane" why is it called that, best not to answer :P
Anyway do enjoy and please do consider giving the princess my regards and maybe hiring her services yourself~

Features me as myself
and :icongreatcthulhu:

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For our lovely lady :iconyuhi-tan:

Okay everyone update on Yuhi, you can now find her well still fine her on her Tumblr~

She is still posting art here unhindered by admins who still who still think that GMO's are bad for you, news flash have you seen an non-genetically altered banana the thing is like a reverse strawberry... look at all those damn seeds!
Seriously look it up...

Now for those who really wanna help Yuhi after DA shat the bed without any sort of padding their is Patreon that's right folks ya girl has a patreon... no Not me Yuhi.

Go ahead check it out she will thank you for it.
It's my hope that we can get this girl back up and running after DA was so unprofessional.
Thank you and please give her all the support you can... if you can~
Bribed baby (And important message in description)
What happens if you take a goddess and give her a proposition?
Be a baby for a day and as reward she gets Cookies, all sorts of cookies, ice cream, unmade, double choc chip and more!
Well she damn well says "You got yourself a deal" and the rest is embarrassing and annoying history.

This pic was a sketch commission from :iconninosatori: who did an amazing job~
This picture was also coloured by :iconyuhi-tan: who also edited the picture a little

I would also like to take the time to inform you that Yuhi has been perma banned from DA for multiple false flags of Sexual content involving minors.

This is just more pile of shit to add to the mountain of how poorly DA knows how to run its damn website. Its disgusting and they take no action to verify if the claims are true of not they are just as bad as youtube in this regard in my opinion and much as I have tried to move along and hand out second chances and constantly turn a blind eye I have been constantly shown that DA and its Admins couldn't give less of a fuck about their content creators.

To quote others "DA is a sinking ship" but just like the Titanic I was in denial believing that that the admins who run the site had a shred of pride in their work but regrettably I was wrong.

If there is a sight that allows people to share art and has a lay out similar to this I will gladly get off this platform and onto one who's incompetence should be enough to get them fired. 

DA get your fucking act together or I'll find a site that will you lazy incompetent baboons.
Not a glitch my fucking arse
Da fucking get you act together, replying to multiple people and saying thank you to people who watch and favorite me should not be considered spam, fix this shit because this if fucking pathetic not even being able to post on my own damn page you imbeciles! 

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Does anyone know where princess Sippycup is?
She has vanished and her account seems to be deactivated if anyone knows where she is or what happened it would be much appreciated.

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Nino needs help and sadly I don't have the funds to be able to do so at this moment, please if you ever wanted to get a commission NOW would be the time!!
Not only does she no longer do coms but this may be the last time for the foreseeable future (Patreon not included)

So please be a dear and check her out and help her reach her goal!

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Good new everyone
As of 21th of February 2018
The Televangelist scam artist Billy Graham has finally taking a well deserved dirt nap.
No longer shall he swindle another living person, or be their to create more superstitious propaganda.
Nor shall he rally any more of his brainwashed followers to endorse and cheer for the killing of millions.
So while the sellouts on the right and left claim he was a man of great character we can toast to having one left fear mongering genocide endorsing lunatic.
So long you miserable fuck and stay dead~<3……

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Signal boost for a friends server, feel free to join~
I'm not the most active on severs I'm more of a one on one kinda thing anywho here is the invite and one in the description


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